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    The Chasen | Matcha Bamboo Whisk - Crafted In Japan

    "The Chasen" – a curated collection of exquisite matcha bamboo whisks that embody the artistry and tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. Each of these remarkable bamboo whisks is meticulously crafted by the 24th-generation owner of Takayama Chasen, a certified traditional craftsman recognized by Japan.

    The essence of a chasen lies in its intricate design: a tea whisk made from a single piece of bamboo, skillfully split into an array of delicate tines. These fine tines play a vital role in the matcha preparation process, whisking the vibrant green matcha powder into a luxurious, frothy matcha drink.

    Beyond functionality, a traditional Japanese matcha whisk is an essential tool for any matcha enthusiast's home. Crafted with precision from a single bamboo stem, the chasen boasts dozens of springy tines, each tailored to whisk matcha into perfect suspension. Our collection showcases the mastery behind this centuries-old craft, inviting you to experience the magic and authenticity of matcha preparation like never before.

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    Ceramic Matcha Whisk Stand 茶筅立て


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    Mini Matcha Whisk - 高山茶筅 野点用


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    Matcha Whisk - Souwa / 茶筅 宗和流


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    Matcha Spoon Gift Pack - White Bamboo / 茶匙


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    Crafted In Japan Matcha Spoon - White Bamboo / 茶匙


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    Crafted In Japan Matcha Spoon - Black Bamboo / 茶匙


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