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    Matcha Bowl - Shino Kikko / 志野亀甲紋茶碗

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    Matcha Bowl - Shino Kikko / 志野亀甲紋茶碗

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    Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Japanese tea ceremonies with our meticulously crafted Mino Ware Matcha Bowl, created by a skilled artisan specializing in the revered Shino style. Each bowl is a masterpiece, shaped using plaster moulds, meticulously refined by hand, and adorned with unique glazes and patterns. Presented in a grand wooden gift box, this matcha bowl is not just a vessel but a testament to generations of craftsmanship and dedication to the art of pottery.

    Shino Style Elegance: The bowl exemplifies the Shino style, celebrated for its rustic charm and distinctive glaze effects. The artisan's mastery is evident in the careful application of glazes and hand-painted designs, making each bowl a one-of-a-kind creation.

    Generations of Expertise: Rooted in a legacy of over a century, this bowl bears the mark of a family deeply entrenched in the ceramic traditions of the Mino region. The artisan's grandfather initiated the ceramic legacy in the Taisho era, followed by the father, and now the third generation proudly continues the artistic journey.

    Handcrafted Precision: From shaping the bowl using plaster moulds to the intricate detailing of glazes and patterns, each step is executed with precision and care. The labour-intensive process reflects a commitment to producing exceptional, handmade pieces that embody the essence of Mino Ware craftsmanship.

    Wooden Gift Box: Delivered in a thoughtfully crafted wooden gift box, this matcha bowl is not just a utilitarian item but a cherished gift. The box itself is a work of art, enhancing the overall presentation and making it an ideal gift for connoisseurs of Japanese culture.

    A Promise for the Future: In the era of Heisei and beyond, the third-generation artisan from the esteemed Gazan Kiln envisions creating pottery that enriches your living spaces and dining tables. Inspired by the abundant clay resources of Mino, each piece aims to bring a touch of nourishment and elegance to your daily rituals.

    All Pottery Matcha Bowl products are wholly handmade in Japan. Each piece is unique; slight irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture might occur and reflect the nature of the artisan product.

    ■ Hand-made in Japan

    Not suitable for microwave. Not suitable for dishwasher.

    Material: Pottery

    ■ Size (Cup): 13 cm diameter, 8.5 cm height

    Comes with a custom-made wooden gift box. Ideal as a gift.

    💡 Our artisan Matcha Whisk and its Stand can be founhere

    Matcha Bowl - Shino Kikko / 志野亀甲紋茶碗



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