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Yamada Glass - Crystal Glass Rock Glass - Mt Fuji - Amber Blue

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For three generations spanning 80 years, Yamada Glass has been creating original pieces by employing both Edo Kiriko and Hanakiriko methods. Hanakiriko involves thinning the glass surface, infusing new sensibilities into traditional patterns, and creating distinctive Edo Kiriko designs. They emphasize preserving tradition while innovating, crafting various glassware, and collaborating with designers and corporations. Their creations include glasses depicting Japan's symbols, like cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji, reaching out to the world.

Each item in our Yamada Glass collection is handcrafted by Mr. Masaaki Yamada, who has received various awards, including the Tokyo Challenge Awards, and participated in numerous exhibitions, talks, and international events. Currently, he serves as the head of the Events Department at the Edo Kiriko Association and is a member of the Sumida Traditional Crafts Preservation Society.

Mr Fuji

Echoing the spirit of Hokusai's legacy, this collection is a heartfelt tribute to the revered artist and our hometown's profound artistic heritage. Each glass within this series encapsulates the atmospheric beauty of 'Rainstorm Beneath the Summit' (山下白雨), meticulously crafted with our unique artistic interpretation. Intricate designs and vivid hues harmonize to mirror Hokusai's original strokes, capturing the tempestuous allure of the artwork while infusing it with our distinctive craftsmanship.

The uniqueness of each creation stems from the inherent freedom in the creative process, ensuring that no two pieces are alike. Utilizing vibrant colours and precise craftsmanship, these glasses not only embody the beauty of the ocean but also reflect the individuality and artistry of our skilled artisans.

■ Handmade In Japan

■ NOT Suitable for Microwave or Dishwasher

■ Material: Crytal Glass

■ Size: 8 cm diameter x 9 cm height

■ Comes with a custom-made wooden box by Yamada Glass. Perfect for gifting