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Shizuku Towel - Natural Vegetable Dyed Face Towel - 7 Colours / 雫 フェイスタオル

Shizuku Towel - Natural Vegetable Dyed Face Towel - 7 Colours / 雫 フェイスタオル

Shizuku Towel - Natural Vegetable Dyed Face Towel - 7 Colours / 雫 フェイスタオル

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Sourced from the well-known Senshu Osaka(大阪泉州地域), Japan, the birthplace of Japanese towels, which has 130 years of history. Our handpicked towels are functional and super comfortable to use in daily life. 

Shizuku Towel series started with the thought of "How could we harvest the beautiful pure colours of freshly grown vegetables and use them to dye our towels." Sourced local eggplant, onion, cabbage, and basil around the home - Southern Osara region, each colour is carefully extracted to make the dye. 

With no bleaching agents, optical brightest or chemical softeners, artisans behind the towels used their unique technique of towel dyeing and finished with highly durable and less likely to fade even after continuous uses.  

The face towel is highly absorbent and also very soft to touch. In addition to being very soft, these towels are also very durable and maintain their colour and shape even after multiple washes. 

Introduce the natural colours that are dyed with natural ingredients. 
Orange: Carrots grown in Kishiwada City, Osaka, are known for their premium quality and sweet and refreshing taste.
Green (Light): A special cabbage from Osara Senshu Matsunami has a crunchy texture, loved by famous okonomiyaki shops and chefs throughout the area.
Purple and Yellow: From Mizunasu Eggplan's peel and flesh. Grown in Sakai City, the eggplants there are so fresh and juicy that they can equally be enjoyed raw.
Brown and White: From onion's peel and inner. Osaka Senshu is said to be the birthplace of Japanese onion cultivation. From onion skin, a natural brown onion colour is created. And from onion inner, a natural white onion colour can bring the beauty of nature into your life.
Green: Omura's basil is handpicked with care. The fresh young basil leaves used for dye bring a sense of nature and sunshine into your life.

The dyes of this product are sourced from nature; depending on the season and the environment of dyeing, the colours produced may differ subtly. Therefore, each product is unique and has a one-of-a-kind feeling, a difference that we hope you enjoy. 

🎎 Made In Osaka, Japan

🍶 Material: 100% Cotton, Dyed with Natural Ingredients

🏷️ What's Included? One (1) Face Towel

🌈 Colour to Choose: Carrot Orange, Cabbage Green, Eggplant Purple, Balmy Yellow, Onion Brown, Onion White OR Basil Green

📏 Size: 34cm x 85cm

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