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USUKIYAKI Ryoka Handmade Deep Plate / 臼杵焼き 稜花

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Usukiyaki is created around the concept that “a dish is a frame for the food that is served on it. ” Inspired by natural forms and materials, Usukiyaki ceramics are created with the aim of bringing out the beauty of Usuki’s traditional culinary culture: ingredients harvested from rich ocean and mountains, organic crops, and long-standing miso, soy sauce, and sake.

It is this culinary culture, along with the natural beauty and creative spirit of the Usuki region. Osara is so honoured to present this Japanese treasure that we hope to bring to the dinner tables of people around Australia through their creations.

As the Usuki series are wholly handmade, intrusion, pinholes, iron powder and uneven glaze may occur and reflect the artisan nature of the porcelain product and should be embraced. 

■ Hand-Made In Japan

■ Microwave safe & Dishwasher safe

■ Colour: White

Material: Porcelain

Size: 20 cm diameter (top), 4.5 cm height