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Rinka Bowl - 10.5 cm - Restock in September

Rinka Bowl - 10.5 cm - Restock in September

Rinka Bowl - 10.5 cm - Restock in September

Established in 1921, 'Little Solider' kiln has provided quality tableware for almost one century.

Rinka is one of their most popular dinnerware collections.

Even though it is made of porcelain, the texture and look are like earthenware. The colour of the glaze is natural and giving people warmth.

Speaking of the look, the shape of this tableware is not flat but has some curve, which can hold a decent amount of soup or sauce.

Rinka is a traditional Japanese design that references flower petals.

Instead of 'plate', the Japanese named it "鉢" (commonly translated to 'bowl' in English).

There are three supporting points at the bottom of each bowl like a tripod connecting to the bowl into one piece without a trace.

We can also find the 100 years old kiln name engraved at the bottom in black.

Made In Japan.

🌈 Colour: White

🆗 Microwave safe & Dishwasher safe

🍶 Material: Porcelain

📏 Size: 10.5cm radius (top), 4 cm height

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