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    Premium Nokori Fuku Facecloth Towel - 4 Colours / 泉州タオル のこり福

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    Premium Nokori Fuku Facecloth Towel - 4 Colours / 泉州タオル のこり福

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    Sourced from the well-known Senshu Osaka(大阪泉州地域), Japan, the birthplace of Japanese towels, which has 130 years of history. Our handpicked towels are functional and super comfortable to use in daily life. 

    The artisans who created the Nokori-Fuku(のこり福) series carefully selected cotton to make towels with higher functionality and water absorption. 

    In addition to these two main characteristics, they are also comfortable and gentle on the skin, with a light finish but giving a comfortable elasticity and volume, insect repellent and deodorant function. 

    Most importantly, the deep and warm colours are dyed with natural ingredients. 
    White: original colour before dyeing. 
    Red: The residual wine used as a dye is from the winery "Kawachi Wine(河内ワイン)" in Habikino City(羽曳野市), Osaka, making Japanese wine that goes well with Japanese food. 
    Brown: It is dyed using malt that is discarded after brewing black beer with "Tetard Valle", sourced from a brewpub in Tenmabashi(大阪・天満橋), Osara, which also has a beer brewery. 
    Green: Dyed using matcha from Nishio Meikouen Tea Shop(西尾茗香園茶舗), founded in 1854 in Sakai, Osaka. A beautiful colour that can never be achieved by chemical ingredients. 

    ■ Made In Osaka, Japan

    Material: 100% Cotton, Dyed with Natural Ingredients

    What's Included? One (1) Hand Towel 

    ■ Colour to Choose: Pure White, Wine Dyed Red, Beer Dyed Brown OR Matcha Dyed Green

    Size: 33 cm x 34 cm

    Premium Nokori Fuku Facecloth Towel - 4 Colours / 泉州タオル のこり福



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