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Natural Fragrant Wood Japanese Incense Single Pack - Agarwood

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Japan has a long history of using incense to pray or heal. Having incense is an excellent daily habit of purifying the mind, body, time and space. 

No synthetic fragrances or colourings, the natural scent of fragrant wood is ideal for gifts to a special person. This incense is a completely new type of incense for purification, made with fragrant wood, natural Indonesian oil, and 5% quartz powder. Since ancient times, crystal has been said to have the power of 'purification, good luck and fulfilment of desire'. The crystal in the incense brings you a purer feeling when you use it. 

Each incense has a burning time of around 15 minutes. 

■ Made In Japan

 What's included? One (1) Pack of Incense in a Box

 The burning time is approximately 15 minutes for each incense.

 Material: Natural Fragrant Wood, Wood Powder and 5% Crystal Powder (Incense)

 Size: 7 cm (Incense), W7.8 x D2.5 x H9.5 cm (Box). Incense weight: 30g

🎁 Comes with a box. Great as a gift!