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MURATA "Japanese Tea" Incense - 3 Fragrance Gift Pack

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Japan has a long history of using incense to pray or heal. Having incense is an excellent daily habit of purifying the mind, body, time and space. 

Murata is a long-established store that has been running for 300 years since the 5th year of the Hoei era (1708). For 300 years, Incense Murata has been synonymous with unparalleled quality and expertise in the world of incense.

This incense comes in a cylindrical package. This thoughtful packaging ensures that our incense seamlessly fits into your space.

■ Three Fragrances are included on this Page:

Koucha: Black Tea

Houjicha: Hojicha/Roasted green tea

Matcha: Green Tea

■ Made In Japan

 What's included? One (1) Pack of Incense in a Box

 The burning time is approximately 30 minutes for each incense.

 Size: 7 cm (Incense), 5.5 cm Diameter x H 14.5 cm (Box). Incense weight: 90g

🎁 Comes with a box. Great as a gift!