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Mini Incense Pack - Tea Incense - 8 Scents / 香りの調べ

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This mini incense pack is a collection of most scents from our Tea Leaf Incense

There are ten scents in the small package, including the following incense.

Pure green(ピュアグリーン) /transparent scent with green notes
Rose tea(ローズティー) / Fragrance of black tea infused with elegant rose petals
Fruit Garden(フルーツガーデン) / Fresh scent of fruits
Mint tea(ミントティー) / refreshing and invigorating aroma of mint
Chai latte(チャイラテ) / Exotic aroma with cinnamon and spices
Katsura Flower(桂花茶) / Slightly sweet aroma of golden osmanthus tea
Blackcurrant tea(カシスティー) /fresh, sweet and sour aroma
Lavender tea(ラベンダーティー) /fresh and calm lavender aroma

This assortment package allows you to enjoy various scents with a small amount. It is recommended for those who are starting incense and as a gift.

◾ Made In Japan

◾ Eight Fragances x Two sticks

◾ The approximate burning time for each stick is 15 minutes. 

🎁 Great as a gift!