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Kyo Kiyomizu Ware Hand made Cup & Saucer Set - Salmon Pink / 京焼・清水焼き

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Nestled amidst the historic alleys of Kyoto's Gojozaka, Nishikawa Teizaburo Shoten has stood as an emblem of tradition and craftsmanship since its establishment in 1917. This distinguished establishment, renowned for its legacy in fine ceramics and porcelain, introduces the KATA series — a testament to their enduring dedication to artistry and innovation.

The KATA tea cups and saucers embody a marvel of specialized craftsmanship, showcasing the delicate artistry that defines the "Eggshell" porcelain technique. These vessels, akin to ethereal paper in their lightweight and thin composition, enchant with their translucency, allowing light to delicately illuminate the finely carved "tea flower" motif gracefully etched at their base.

Each piece embodies a harmonious fusion of artistry and functionality, inviting you to savour the beauty of tea while delighting in the gracefulness of its design.

All Kyo, Kiyomizu Ware products are wholly handmade. There is no identical piece offering. Irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture may occur and reflect the artisan nature of the product and should be embraced.

◾ Hand-Made In Japan

◾ NOT Suitable for Microwave OR Dishwasher

◾ Material: Porcelain

◾ Size: Ø96 W120 H45mm (Cup) / Ø135 H15mm (Saucer)

◾ Capacity: 220ml

◾ Sold in a gift box