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Kutani ware Pair Yunomi Tea Cup - Kacho / 九谷焼 ペア湯呑み

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This pair of handmade cups features a smooth texture and an exquisite camellia design that is identical on each cup, making them a perfect addition to your collection for a timeless and elegant tea-drinking experience.

Kutani ware(九谷焼) is a traditional craft of Ishikawa prefecture(石川県) with a history of over 360 years. The beauty of nature, brilliant colour and fine calligraphy are the key features of this style of Japanese pottery. 

Camellia has long been a representative of noble flowers in the tea ceremony, and therefore, it was used to design many teawares. 

As the whole piece is handmade in Japan, slight irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture might occur and reflect the nature of the artisan product.

■What's included? Two (2) Cup Cups in a Box

■ Made In Japan, Ishikawa prefecture

■ Size (Large One): 7 cm Diameter x 8.2cm Height

■ Size (Small One): 6.8 cm Diameter x 8 cm Height

■ Material: Ceramic

🎁 Comes with a box. Great as a gift!