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Kumiko Vase Cover / 組子 花入れ

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Kumiko(組子) work is one of the traditional Japanese techniques of assembling small pieces of wood. It is a delicate technique that does not even allow a 0.1 mm error in processing and assembling. Using no nails, all the wood is finished with grooves and holes through a unique process that takes ten years for an artisan to master.

Inspired by nature, more than 200 types of different linear geometric patterns are used to make Kumiko works now. Its universal beauty, simple yet always fresh, has remained beloved for generations. The warmth of wood, delicate patterns, and the unique atmosphere created by light and shadow are the charms of Kumiko's craftsmanship.

J Life gifts, the interior brand behind this beautiful product, has been built up for over 50 years as artisans of traditional crafts Kumiko. With confidence in quality that will last through long years of use, J Life gifts hope to continue creating Kumiko works that will be long-loved into the future.

Kumiko Vase Cover
This is a vase cover made in to hope that Kumiko will be displayed with colourful plants. The warmth and freshness of the wood make the vivid colours of the flowers stand out even more. The pattern on the entire piece is called "Kozu," and it is a simple pattern with straight lines extending vertically and horizontally, giving it a slightly modern feel. The pattern is not so assertive that it can make the flowers stand out, so you can feel the four seasons of Japan along with the Kumiko.

◾ Hand-Made In Japan

◾ Sold Individually

◾ Material: Cypress

◾ Size: 8 cm x 8 cm x 14.5 cm height