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KAGAMI Crystal Premium Rock Glass - Evening Calm / 夕凪

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Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of Junichi Nabetani / 鍋谷淳一, a third-generation Edo Kiriko artisan with over thirty years of experience creating award-winning pieces.

Every piece created by Mr Nabetani is a masterpiece, crafted with exceptional care and precision. His dedication to delivering nothing but the best is evident in every flawless cut crystal glass he produces. He was certified as a Master of Traditional Craftsman for Japan in 2009, reflecting his expertise and passion for Edo Kiriko.

Hold this glass in your hands and marvel at the artistry and skill that went into its creation. It is not only beautiful but also functional, a testament to Mr Nabetani's remarkable skills and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. As he once said, "Holding a strong will, no matter what happens, I will deliver this."

As the whole piece is handmade in Japan, irregularities in size, weight, colour and texture might occur and reflect the nature of the artisan product.

■ What's in the box? One Kagami glass in a wooden gift box.

■ Handmade In Japan

■ NOT Suitable for Microwave or Dishwasher

■ Material: Crystal Glass

■ Size: 6.5 cm diameter top x 9.2 cm height

■ Capacity: 250 ml

■ Comes with a custom-made wooden box by Kagami Crystal. Perfect for gifting.