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    KAGAMI Crystal Japanese Handmade Whiskey Glass - 370 ml - White Dew

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    KAGAMI Crystal Japanese Handmade Whiskey Glass - 370 ml - White Dew

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    Kagami Crystal was founded in 1934 by Kozo Kagami as Japan's first manufacturer specialising in crystal glass. 

    Its exquisite crystal glasses, created by experienced artisans, have been widely loved and recognised by countless awards in Japan and internationally for their superb quality. Nonetheless, in 1943, Kagami won its most prominent designation and became an official supplier to the Imperial Household Agency, which serves Japan's Imperial Family. Kagami's beautiful crystal glassware is also officially used in over 250 Japanese embassies and consulates to host formal and state banquets. 

    And now, delivering the unchanging beauty of Japan, along with the change of time, just like its conviction "to become the ultimate crystal brand loved by all generations across all eras", Kagami Crystal continues to engrave new history at all times as the best crystal maker that is loved beyond time and generation, keeping the high skills and qualities that it developed over many decades. 

    What is Cyrstal Glass?

    All Kagami Crystal materials are a type of glass called "Crystal Glass", mainly used in art and decorations such as jewellery and chandeliers.

    The crystal glass contains lead oxide as the main component, along with potassium oxide, barium oxide, titanium oxide, etc. Therefore, it has a crystal-like high transparency and a refractive index (nD) of 1.520 or higher, giving a clear tone and beautiful lustre glossy shine

    The higher the specific density of lead, the heavier the crystal glass is. It gives a great experience when holding a whiskey glass in your hand.

    'Shiratsuyu' (白露) Design

    Celebrating the arrival of autumn and the pristine landscapes that accompany it, the 'Shiratsuyu' rock glass captures the essence of this season of clarity and renewal. The term 'Shiratsuyu' refers to the dew that adorns leaves and grasses in the crisp morning air, symbolizing purity and freshness. This rock glass embodies the glistening allure of morning dew, casting a refreshing aura that elevates any setting to one of sophistication and elegance. Whether gracing a cozy gathering or enhancing a formal affair, the 'Shiratsuyu' rock glass creates an ambience of refinement and distinction, inviting moments of shared indulgence and appreciation for life's simple pleasures.

    ■ Handmade In Japan

    ■ NOT Suitable for Microwave or Dishwasher

    ■ Material: Crytal Glass

    ■ Size: 88 mm (Diameter) x 10 mm (Height)

    ■ Capacity: 370 ml

    ■ Comes with a custom-made wooden box by Kagami Crystal. Perfect for gifting.

    KAGAMI Crystal Japanese Handmade Whiskey Glass - 370 ml - White Dew



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