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Japanese Incense - 5 Fragrance Set Box / 季節の花 お香セット

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It is a new series of incense products that Osara would love to recommend to you. 

Japan has a long history of using incense to pray or heal. Having incense is an excellent daily habit of purifying the mind, body, time and space. 

There are five kinds of smells inside this wooden gift box. 

[Sakura / 桜] A soft and gentle scent of light red cherry blossoms.
[Fragrant olives / 金木犀] Small golden flowers, a slightly sweet scent of fragrant olives.
[Lily of the valley / 鈴蘭] A transparent scent of pure lily of the valley.
[Wisteria / 藤] The fresh and deep scent of wisteria swaying in the wind.
[Lotus / 蓮] A refreshing scent of lotus flowers.

 What's included? Five (5) Packs of Japanese Incense in a Wooden Gift Box.

 There are approximately 25 grams of incense for each smell. The burning time is approximately 25 minutes for each incense.

 Made In Japan

 Material: Fragrance and Tabby Bark Powder (Incense), Paulownia (Gift Box)

 Size: 13.5 cm (Incense), W22 x D18 x H4 cm (Gift Box)

🎁 Comes with a gift box. Great as a gift!

✔️ If you wish to have a try first, we would recommend having the small pack first.