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Japanese Chopstick Gift Set - Dancing Rabbit / 鳥獣戯画

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This pair of chopsticks is a perfect gift for weddings and housewarmings. 

Rabbits are believed to bring good luck, such as "good luck," "leap forward," and "prosperous business. It is said to bring good luck and symbolize happiness.

And they are dishwasher safe which is a plus for many families. 

The chopsticks are made of Japanese natural wood. The top part of the chopsticks is polished to a non-slip effect, making food grabbing easier.

As the whole piece is handmade in Japan, slight irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture might occur and reflect the nature of the artisan product.

◾ Hand-Made In Japan

◾ Dishwasher safe

◾ Chopstick Size / 21cm and 23cm 

◾ Box Size / W7.5cm x D25.9cm x H2.1cm