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Hirota Glass - Pair Sake Cups / 廣田硝子 ペアグラス

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Introducing a form reminiscent of sun-kissed, gently blooming flower buds, this glassware captivates with its graceful contours. Adorning the entire surface, intricate and delicate crack patterns are meticulously crafted using the 'penetration' technique.

When illuminated by light, it glistens and sparkles, evoking a breathtaking beauty that elicits sighs of admiration. The design, resembling the allure of nature's burgeoning blooms, infuses an aura of elegance and wonder into any space it graces.

Hirota Glass

Celebrating its establishment in Tokyo in 1899, Hirota Glass stands as one of the most storied glass manufacturers in the city, boasting a rich heritage steeped in tradition. Embracing the techniques introduced from Europe during the modern era, Hirota Glass seamlessly fused these methods with Japan's intrinsic aesthetic sensibilities, giving rise to unique, indigenous designs. Drawing from invaluable design archives passed down through generations since its inception, Hirota Glass cherishes the legacy of handcrafted traditions, evident in its enduring commitment to crafting treasures such as Edo Kiriko and blown glass. Continuously innovating, the company crafts products that effortlessly harmonize with contemporary interiors, ensuring a timeless blend of tradition and modernity.

The "Bud" glass, characterized by its swelling mouth, delicately enfolds the aroma and flavour of rice, akin to a blossoming flower bud. Ideal for enjoying pure rice liquor, its design enhances the tasting experience, allowing the nuances of the drink to be savoured with every sip. Conversely, the "Flower" glass features an open mouth that facilitates the gentle diffusion of aroma, creating a soft and inviting flavour profile that envelops the palate. Perfectly suited for Daiginjo sake, this glass elevates the drinking experience, accentuating the subtle complexities of the exquisite brew.

As the whole piece is handmade in Japan, slight irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture might occur and reflect the nature of the artisan product.

■ What's Included? Two (2) Sake Glasses in a Gift Box.

■ Hand-made in Japan

■ Material: Glass

■ Size: Diameter 6 cm x Height 8.5 cm, Diameter 6 cm x Height 4.1 cm

■ Comes with a custom-made wooden gift box. Great for gifting.

🚫 Not suitable for microwave. Not suitable for dishwasher.