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Hagi Ware Pottery Yunomi Tea Cup - Set of 2 / Tenryu Kiln 天龍窯

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Hagi ware is a traditional Japanese pottery that originated in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture (山口県萩市). It is a unique ceramic art culture representing Japan and has been highly valued for its artistry for generations. Hagi ware is slowly fired at a low temperature in a climbing kiln, resulting in a soft finish that is highly absorbent. When tea or other substances are poured into a Hagi ware vessel, they permeate through the fine cracks on the surface, called kannyu (貫入), which changes the colour and creates a tasteful scenery. This transformation is called "Hagi's Seven Change(萩の七変化)", which is unique to Hagi ware and makes each piece one-of-a-kind.

The beauty of the changing scenery (state of the vessel) has become a highlight, and it has been loved by the tea masters as "Ichiraku, Nihagi, Sankaratsu"(一楽、二萩、三唐津).

The soft touch of Hagi ware also makes it comfortable to hold. Its unique features and cultural significance make it a treasure to be appreciated and enjoyed.

All Hagi Ware products are wholly handmade. There is no identical piece offering.You might notice a chip on the bottom, which was deliberately made by Hagi pottery makers to sell the ware to merchants instead of presenting them as gifts to the Mōri clan during the Edo period. This tradition has been passed down for generations, and it is now one of the main characteristics of the Hagi ware. Irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture may occur and reflect the artisan nature of the product and should be embraced.

◾ Hand-Made In Japan

◾ NOT Suitable for Microwave OR Dishwasher

◾ 2 tea cups in a wooden gift box.

◾ Material: Pottery

◾ Size: 8 cm diameter x 9 cm height, 250 ml

7.5 cm diameter x 8.5 cm height, 200 ml

◾ Care Instruction: Hagi ware vessels are unique because they have a water absorbency feature. They have to be dried thoroughly to be kept in a well-ventilated place. A detailed maintenance manual book will come with each product.