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    Fukube Mug Cup - Violets or Camellia / ふくべ 窯

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    Fukube Mug Cup - Violets or Camellia / ふくべ 窯

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    This stunning series is presented by Fukube (ふくべ 窯), a kiln workshop quietly run by a couple, the Tsurugi's, in the Mino region of Toki City, Gifu prefecture.

    精炻器(Sei-sekki) is a rare pottery type that sits differently from porcelain and pottery. It is usually directly translated to 'stoneware'. 精炻器 has stoneware's outstanding characteristics, such as being durable and fired at a very high temperature, which turns the glazes on the outside of the stoneware into glass.

    Wares from Fukube are both durable and have a beautiful look with a characteristic three-dimensional painting on the surface. It is truly hard to be found in other materials.

    With the background of making ceramics, the couple met a stoneware that they had never seen before and were fascinated by its charm.
    "I want to know more about this vessel", and from the thought of "I want to make it with my own hands", this "Fukube kiln" was born.

    Even in Japan, the name "stoneware" is not well known.
    Not only because it is not a mainstream product but also because it is unsuitable for commercial use due to the time and effort involved.

    "I want to pursue the charm of devotion." "I want a lot of people to know." With that in mind, Mr. Tsurugi from Fukube is a person who is making things diligently and earnestly.

    All products have limited stock. It will take some time (2023 at least) to restock.

    May the works of the Fukube kiln, which are carefully and delicately made one by one by the family, bring smiles to your life.

    ◾ Osara has a very high standard for the quality of products and checks carefully before shipping. As the Fukube series is wholly hand-drew and handmade, slight irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture may occur and reflect the artisan nature of the stoneware product and should be embraced.

    ◾ Hand-Made In Japan

    ◾ Microwave safe & Dishwasher safe

    ◾ Sold Individually

    ◾ Colour to Choose: Pink Violet or Black Camellia

    ◾ Material: Stoneware 精炻器(Sei-sekki)

    ◾ Size: 7.8 cm diameter (rim) x 7.5 cm height, 10.6 cm with handle

    ◾ Capacity: 250 ml (Full)

    Fukube Mug Cup - Violets or Camellia / ふくべ 窯



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