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Home / Products / Fukube Pottery Condiment Container - Rock Ptarmigan / ふくべ窯 小物入れ 雷鳥

Fukube Pottery Condiment Container - Rock Ptarmigan / ふくべ窯 小物入れ 雷鳥

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We are thrilled to welcome back our beloved Fukube Collection, cherished for its exquisite craftsmanship and beauty. This stunning series is presented by Fukube (ふくべ窯), a kiln workshop run by the Tsurugi couple in the Mino region of Toki City, Gifu prefecture.

精炻器 (Sei-sekki) is a rare type of pottery distinct from porcelain and regular pottery, often translated as 'stoneware'. This unique material boasts the durability and high firing temperature of stoneware, resulting in glazes that transform into a glass-like finish.

Fukube wares are renowned for their durability and the distinctive three-dimensional painting on their surfaces, making them stand out from other materials. With a deep background in ceramics, the Tsurugi couple discovered stoneware and were captivated by its charm. Their desire to explore and create led to the birth of the Fukube kiln.

The Tsurugis' journey to this product has been one of dedication and passion. Fascinated by the unique qualities of stoneware they had never seen before, they felt compelled to learn more and create with their own hands. This commitment to their craft has driven them to master and perfect their stoneware creations.

In Japan, stoneware remains relatively unknown, partly due to its non-mainstream status and the time and effort required for its production. However, the Tsurugis are dedicated to sharing its unique appeal, pursuing their craft with devotion and diligence.

All products are available in limited stock. We hope the works from the Fukube kiln, meticulously handmade by the family, bring joy to your life. This time, we are excited to offer a wider selection, including vases and condiment containers.

◾ Osara has a very high standard for the quality of products and checks carefully before shipping. As the Fukube series is wholly hand-drawn and handmade, slight irregularities in size, glaze, colour, and texture may occur and reflect the artisan nature of the stoneware product, which should be embraced.

◾ Hand-Made In Japan

◾ Microwave safe & Dishwasher safe

◾ Sold Individually

◾ Material: Stoneware 精炻器 (Sei-sekki)

◾ Size: 11 cm diameter (rim) x 6 cm height