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Daily Incense - Wa - Scent of Japan

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Wa is the scent of Japan's choice from the Daily incense series. It comes with five scents - Japanese cypress, sandalwood, gardenia, camellia and Casablanca. Each one has six sticks.

This assortment box is where you can enjoy various scents with a small amount. "Wa" is where you can feel the Japanese harmony. It is recommended for those who are starting incense and as a gift.

About Daily Incense

Items are loved for centuries when they are created under the concept of “use”, whether that be part of your everyday life or just cultural.

This Daily series by Trunk Design is redesigning standard everyday items into products that are both easier and simple to use in sizes and portions, with designs that you want to keep beside you at all times.

It recreates what already exists into something better. Enjoy your “Daily” with something simple yet timeless. 

◾ Made In Japan

◾ Five Fragrances x Six Sticks 

◾ Burning time is approximately 30 minutes for each stick.