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Bizen Pottery Large Mug Cup - Hidasuki / 備前焼 マグカップ

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Bizen Pottery, shaped over a span of more than 1,000 years, originates from the village of Bizen in Japan, renowned for its lineage of dedicated artisans.

Collaborating with these skilled craftsmen, we proudly present our inaugural collection of Bizen ware created by young, high-profile, and promising artists. Their expertise harmoniously blends the rich traditions of Bizen Pottery with contemporary influences, resulting in exquisite pieces of art.

Rooted in the essence of wabi-sabi, each piece celebrates nature's simplicity and asymmetry. Crafted with pure clay and fired for weeks at low temperatures, Bizen Pottery boasts both natural beauty and exceptional durability.

Each Bizen artist's journey intertwines deeply with their heritage as they continuously challenge and refine their aesthetic expression. The distinctive clay used and the firing process, fueled by the power of natural fire, contribute to the captivating patterns and colours that make Bizen Pottery truly exceptional.

All Bizen Pottery products are wholly handmade. There is no identical piece offering. Irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture may occur, which reflect the artisan nature of the product and should be embraced.

◾ Hand-Made In Japan

◾ NOT Suitable for Microwave OR Dishwasher

◾ Sold individually in a box.

◾ Material: Pottery

◾ Size: 9 cm diameter x 10 cm height x 13 cm (with handle)

◾ Capacity: 400 ml 

◾ Comes with a box. Ideal as a gift.