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Arita Ware Japanese Culture Chopstick Rest - Kinsai / 錦色絵山水 箸置

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The chopstick rests made by a kiln in Japan that specialises in Arita yaki since 1865. 

With intricate and detailed designs, this piece radiates elegance. Its stunning, sparkling design features abundant use of golden accents. Perfect for creating a special ambience on special occasions or as a gesture of hospitality. Not only ideal for everyday use but also an exceptional gift option. This chopstick rest combines traditional charm with a touch of opulence, making it a must-have addition to any table setting.

In the conversation with Mr Tokunaga, the 5th generation of Kouraku Kiln, we can immensely feel the dedication and sophistication behind the craft. 

Arita porcelain is made from ceramic stone, moulded, glazed and baked at a high temperature of 1300 degrees for more than 17 hours. 

Arita ware is popular among restaurants all over the world, and they are light, hard and durable. 

As every piece has its handmade feature, slight irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture might occur and reflect the nature of the artisan product.

■ Designed and Made In Japan (Aritayaki)

■  Size: 4.4 cm × 4.6 cm× (H) 1.3cm

■ Dishwasher safe

■ What's included? One (1) Chopstick Rest

■ Material: Porcelain