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NINSHU is a renowned pottery and ceramics manufacturer in Kyoto, where Kyo ware holds a significant and respected place in Japanese culture and dining. Today, NINSHU holds the distinguished honour of being appointed by royal warrant to the historic Omuro Imperial Palace of Ninna-ji.

What sets NINSHU apart is its unwavering commitment to the art of handcrafting pottery. NINSHU's pottery is meticulously crafted on potter's wheels by skilled artisans, one piece at a time. The true beauty of NINSHU's pottery lies in its hand-shaped forms, dynamic finger-imprinted textures, and the unparalleled beauty of the glazed surfaces with their vibrant colours.

NINSHU's earthenware allows the glaze to penetrate the clay deeply, and through the kiln's transformative magic, it achieves the elusive "YOHEN," a profound and evocative kiln effect. The kiln preserves age-old glaze recipes, ensuring the enduring allure of this effect.

All NINSHU products are dishwasher-friendly, combining form and function, showcasing a blend of tradition and practicality that makes them truly exceptional. NINSHU is on a quest to redefine the true beauty of handmade ceramics and offer a glimpse into a culture of contemporary lifestyle.