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Denim x Pants

By utilising the early years of studying in the western country and family background as Japanese ceramists, the artisan created this "Denim x Pants" collection. It combines street jeans fashion in western culture and Japanese ceramic skills.

Denim: a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile, serving a durable use in clothing, such as jeans. Indigo is its most commonly used colour.

The design vividly pictures the buttons and pocket on denim pants.

Take a look at the finishing goods; it shows supreme ceramic techniques of engraving, waxing, glazing, and stamping. Great attention to details.

There is a total of 7 (seven) types of products in this collection. They are Teapot, Cup, 250ml Mug, 450ml Jumbo Mug, Rice Bowl, Bowl and 15cm Plate.

Made In Japan.

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