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Artisan Painting

Each product in this series is hand-painted by an artisan. 


The design inspiration of Giappone series came from the image of the Japanese Hinomaru (red sun on the Japanese national flag). The red symbolises the sun and the flame, which has been worshipped as a god since ancient Japan. The indigo colour stands for the Japanese zen spirit, claim and polite manner.

This bold pattern colours of the tableware make it suitable for both Asian and Western cuisine. 

Followed by that, the modern Giappone, like its name, has a more modern style. The white part is dented. The coloured part, made by a special technique, is raised and slippery.

Giappone series are designed and handmade in Hasami-cho (波佐見町), a town in the south of Japan. Hasami-cho is famous for its traditional ceramics manufacturing, Hasamiyaki (波佐見焼), which has a history of 400 years.

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