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GENTLE BEER Frothing Glass (Blue) - Hat 帽子 (青)

GENTLE BEER Frothing Glass (Blue) - Hat 帽子 (青)

GENTLE BEER Frothing Glass (Blue) - Hat 帽子 (青)

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Enjoy soft and creamy beer head by frothing function, and enriched beer taste brings out the shape of this beer glass — SOSAI, meaning 'refreshing'. Beer goes through the middle of the tongue and straightly down the throat.

❓How does this beer glass produce creamy beer foam?

Pour the beer alongside the inner wall of the tumbler. The sandblasted inner wall makes the beer foam softer and smoother.

Wash the beer glass well with synthetic detergent and dry it naturally before use. (Wet or stained inner wall shows less effectiveness.)

🎎 Made In Japan

🍶 Material: Glass

🚫 Not suitable for microwave. Not suitable for dishwasher.

📏 Size (Beer Glass): 7 cm radius (top), 14 cm height

🧪 Capacity: 345 ml

🎁 Comes with a box. Great for gifting.

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