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Sustainable Tableware

SDGs = Sustainable Development Goals

It designed to give our planet a better future. Our actions need to take in part everywhere, including tableware. 

Trip Ware

Award-winning product of Mino ware new exhibition 2020 Grand Prix (SDGs, recycled tableware)

Ceramic clay and stone, which are indispensable for making water-glazed ceramics, are limited resources that the earth has created over a long period of time.

For instance, volunteer companies from the Mino ware production area gathered to come up with a ceramic recycling system to continue to use the precious resources carefully.

By finely crushing the pottery and mixing it with new clay, the pot once-fired becomes the raw material again and is revived.

The recycling system is based on the loop of 'clay - raw material - pot/tableware - families - recycled pottery clay'.

Because of that, the name 'Trip ware' is emerged by a Japanese artisan.

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