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Made In Japan Resin Matcha Whisk - Green / 樹脂茶筅

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Discover the modern twist to the ancient art of Matcha preparation with our High-Quality Matcha Whisk 'Chasen'. Made from premium polypropylene, this whisk is designed for resilience and longevity, ideal for the robust demands of tea houses, cafes, or family use. Engineered in Fukui, Japan, this utensil is a fusion of tradition and innovation, suitable even for those with allergies.

Featuring 55 outside and 18 inside flexible prongs for swift foaming action, it creates the perfect usucha (mild tea) with ease. The soft type strings withstand up to 100℃ and are safe for the dishwasher, ensuring both hygiene and convenience. Despite its durability, it maintains a gentle touch, making it perfect for beginners or children, and it comes in a few chic colours to suit any style.

This chasen is not just durable; it's smartly designed to disassemble for thorough cleaning, ensuring sanitary use every time. Its sturdy construction overcomes the fragility of traditional bamboo whisks, promising a long service life free from the fear of breakage.

Each set includes a matching stand to preserve the whisk's form, offering both functional storage and an elegant display.

 While it may not produce the fine froth of a bamboo chasen, its reliability for daily use is unparalleled. Ideal for those who value practicality over tradition, our chasen is the epitome of Japanese ingenuity adapted for contemporary tea enjoyment.

Made In Japan

■ Colour: Green

■ 73 Prongs (Similar to Kazuho)

■ Come with a whisk stand 

■ Material: Resin

■ Dishwasher Safe: Place both whisk and whisk stand together upright in a stable dishwasher