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Arita Ware Chawanmushi Bowl / 有田焼 茶碗蒸し碗

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Chawanmushi is an egg custard dish found in Japan. The custard usually consists of an egg mixture with soy sauce, dashi and numerous ingredients such as mushrooms, shrimp, scallop, etc. It is a dish with high protein and is popular for all ages. 

The ware used to cook Chawanmushi needs to be strong as it takes some time to be steamed at a relatively high temperature. On the other hand, a lid is a must and a part of this ware to avoid the steam ruining the flavour. 

The Chawanmushi bowl comes with a lid, a bowl and a saucer. They are made of reinforced porcelain which is solid and durable. 

As every piece has its handmade feature, slight irregularities in size, glaze, colour and texture might occur and reflect the nature of the artisan product.

■ Made In Japan

Dishwasher Safe. Not suitable for Microwave. Steamer Safe.

Material: Porcelain

Size: 220ml, Bowl with Lid (8 cm diameter x 8.5 cm height), Plate (10.5 cm diameter x 2 cm height)